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Prospect Companies using Technographic Data

Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use technographic data from ReachStream to get in front of companies using similar technologies. 

Company using Technology Stack Data

What is Technographic Data

Technographic data comprises information about an organization’s suite of technologies and how they are used. It provides an important approach in market research that allows us to identify companies by their technologies and their usage patterns.

Technographics are a key attribute in any buyer profile. With technographic data, you can approach potential clients with a meaningful pitch that addresses the challenges they face with their existing technology stack.

What's a Technology Stack?

If you’re looking for companies for technographic segmentation, you’ve probably come across the term tech stack.  

Based on their unique needs, goals and challenges, every business uses a collection of technologies to carry out their operations. This is referred to as their technology stack.

A technology stack is the suite of software, technologies, applications and other digital tools that businesses use to create their products and conduct their business. The type of technologies companies use can be similar within an industry but vary from one organisation to another based on their goals and challenges.

Technology User list

Types of Technographic Data

5 main B2B technographic data types that you should consider analysing to build your ideal customer profile:

Techno-graphic Data
tech stackTech Stack Data

Information about the combination of hardware, software, applications, and programming languages used by a company. Tech stack data provides a comprehensive insight into an organization’s digital infrastructure.

IT infrastructure IT Infrastructure

Information about the hardware (devices), software (operation systems, software applications), network infrastructure, data centers and other IT resources utilized by a company, including their deployment, integration, and compatibility.

Digital services Digital Services

Social media applications, email service providers, cloud services, digital advertising, sales and marketing automation tools, CRM solutions, ecommerce vendors, cyber security systems, streaming services, as well as digital practices.

Tech adoption dataTech Adoption Data

Information tracking consumer behaviour like adoption rates, barriers to adoption, adoption intent, technology shifts over time, preferences and trends in user behaviour including industry-specific insights.

Tech spend dataTech Spend Data

Information about a company’s technology budgets, purchase behaviour, annual investment and spend data on tech products and services.

How to Use Technographic Data

Technographic data generates high-intent leads by helping you spot best-fit prospects right away.

Identify pain points

Identify Existing Challenges

Create a meaningful connection with your prospects by gauging significant challenges with existing tech stack and intent signals to switch technologies.

Pull customers to your solution

Pull Customers to Your Solution

Instead of adopting a tone-deaf push marketing strategy, use technographics in marketing to define your solution and personalize your pitch.

Separate leads from bad fit prospects

Separate Leads from Bad-fit Prospects

Save time and resources by targeting the best-fits within your ICP. Qualify leads instantly just by looking at the technology stack of their companies.

Find Technographic Data of Companies

How to find the tech stack data

Finding accurate company tech stack data is difficult. You can find the software used by companies by approaching a client and asking them for a list. 

Traditional ways to collect technographic information are through surveys and web scraping. This involves using a web scraping tool and a multi-step process that requires technical knowledge to execute. Direct insight is often not readily available to your sales and marketing teams. 

An alternative is to write up a cold-call or cold-email survey and contact companies to obtain this information.

Third-Party Data Providers

Or you could skip the hassle and use reliable third-party technographic data providers to buy technographic data from. Data providers have the data analytics expertise to scrape the web and save you time and resources.

Several B2B data providers can help you find companies using competing technologies but no two data providers are the same. Select a data provider that meets your specific goals and priorities. 

Technology users email list provider

Find Technographic Data using ReachStream

Collecting high quality data can be an exhaustive and roundabout process, even with third party data providers. 

ReachStream is a B2B contact and company data platform that allows users to search demographic, firmographic, technographic and contact data of individual prospects and companies. Available as a monthly subscription, ReachStream eliminates the third-party influence by letting you custom-build your own list of best-fit prospects and access opt-in verified contact details.

ReachStream brings several innovative benefits that makes this process simpler and faster.

simple user platform

Simple, Intuitive Platform and Interface

technology filter

Technology Filter for Contacts & Companies

technology tracking

24K+ Technologies Tracked

profile views

Unlimited Browsing & Profile Views

custom list

4-Step Custom List Building

dataset download

Easy, One-Click Downloads

contacts downloads

5000 Monthly Downloads

monthly subscription

Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Build Contact Lists by Tech Stack Data

You can find contacts at companies using a certain technology by using ReachStream’s technology filter.

Step 1

Log in to ReachStream and go to the left Filter panel.

Step 2

Click on the contact tab to target individual contacts within companies or the company tab to directly prospect companies.

ReachStream Contact and company filter
Step 3

Expand the technology filter and type the technologies you want into the box.

ReachStream Technology Filler

The search results panel instantly generates all the contacts or companies using the selected technologies. To verify this information, simply click on the View Details icon see full details. The profiles contain not only technographic data, but also firmographic and contact information.

View contact company information
Step 4

Browse and select all the contacts you want. Access selected contacts by clicking on the View Selected Contacts option.

View selected contacts
Step 5

Export your dataset by simply clicking on Download Selected.

Download Selected Contacts

Start Prospecting with Technographic Insights

Qualify your leads and start prospecting with companies’ technographic data. ReachStream provides more than technographic data. Prospect using 20+ more data points before you qualify your leads by technology.

Explore our freemium, super saver and custom plans. Plans start at $0/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technographic data, also known as technographics, is the information that reveals the technology stack a company or individual uses. This includes hardware, software, applications, and even adoption rates and preferences. Types of technographic data includes software, hardware, web technologies, technology adoption rates, trends in technology switches, and more. 

Technographic data is a powerful tool for B2B businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, optimize their marketing and sales efforts, and make informed strategic decisions.

Technographic segmentation is the process of dividing your target audience into distinct groups based on their technology usage, behaviour, and preferences. It goes beyond traditional demographics and psychographics to understand how people and businesses leverage technology.

Technographic targeting is an approach to sales and marketing that involves precisely targeting specific audiences based on their technology usage and preferences. You can do this by addressing audience-specific pain points and proposing a solution and its feasibility. 

Follow these steps for technographic targeting:

  • Define your ideal customer profile
  • Collect technographic data
  • Build prospecting lists
  • Segment your lists by a target criteria (e.g. web technologies used)
  • Customize your sales and marketing campaigns to each segment


ReachStream’s technology filter lets you filter companies by their existing tech stack data. Use the filter to select the technologies that are similar to your product or service and see who’s using them.

You can use the company filter on ReachStream to view company profiles. Profiles contain data about the company, including the technologies they use. Alternatively, you can use both the company and technology filters to narrow down companies by their tech stack.  

Yes. Technology data is a great way to find clients who are using similar technologies or are not using them at all. You can use technology data to target the right clients and connect through their challenges while positioning your product as an ideal solution. 

Technographics in business refers to data about the technology platforms and tools used by companies or individuals. It goes beyond demographics, looking at factors like:

  • Tools and applications used
  • Adoption rates and technology preferences
  • Integration and usage patterns
  • Digital behaviour
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