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Enrich Your Systems with Reach API

Start enriching your systems with verified, opt-in contact and company data. Get access to Reach API on all plans on ReachStream or request a custom API plan.

Enrich your system with Reachstream's data enrichment API.
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Seamless B2B Sales Intelligence for Your Product

Find Contact & Company Information for Seamless Integration

Get 20+ contact and company attributes including contact name, job title, email addresses, phone numbers, company name, industry, company size, revenue size, technologies used, ZIP code, city, state, country, social profile links, website links, and more.  

Get an accurate company contact database from ReachStream

Get Your Access in 3 Steps

Step - 1
Sign Up to a Plan

Visit our pricing page and get started with a plan. Sign up to ReachStream in seconds, verify your email and sign in to your ReachStream account.

Step - 2
Generate API Key

Click on your name in the account icon in the top right corner and select Account Details. Select Generate API Key. Copy your unique API key. You can also regenerate a unique key.

Step - 3
Run Your Queries

Start writing your API calls. Read our API documentation for guided instructions on how to search with API access. Fetch data to start downloading contact and company information with ReachStream.


Get Reach API Access on All ReachStream Plans

All plans on ReachStream offer advanced API access for developers at no extra cost. Fetch data with your plan’s available credits – 25 for Freemium and 5000 for Super Saver. For bulk contacts, request additional credits or create a custom API plan.

Get ReachStream’s Monthly Subscription

$0/ month
  • 100 Profile Views
  • 20+ Data Fields
  • 25 Monthly Downloads
  • 95% Data Accuracy
  • Advanced API Access
Super Saver
$99/ month
  • Unlimited Profile Views
  • 20+ Data Fields
  • 5000 Monthly Downloads
  • 95% Data Accuracy
  • Advanced API Access
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    CUSTOM API    

Integrate Bulk Contacts with a Custom API Plan

Need more than our existing plans offer? Go big with a custom API plan. Specify the number of credits you want and the time period you want them for. Contact us today to discuss a custom API plan.

Contact Reastream to get high qaulity B2B contact list.

Create Your Custom API Plan

Simply fill your basic contact details in the contact form and describe your requirement. Our team will get back to you to schedule a call and create your custom plan 

Request a Custom API Plan
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Why Prospect with Reach API

Picture of Data Enrichment
Data Enrichment

Enrich your existing email lists and contact databases with 20+ verified contact and company insights. Add additional or missing data to existing records.

Picture of Less Manual Work
Less Manual Work

Instead of downloading data from us and manually updating them in your databases, use advanced API to automatically fetch and update high-quality data.

Picture of CRM Integration
CRM Integration

Our advanced API access lets you seamlessly fetch and integrate emails and phone numbers to your CRM and CDP software.

Picture of High Quality Leads
High Quality Leads

Enrich and qualify your leads regularly for higher conversions. Reduce your sales prospecting timelines and streamline your lead generation process at all stages of the sales funnel.

Make Your First API Call

Spend credits only for verified contact data. Fetch counts for free and pay only for the credits you get on an existing or custom plan. For more technical guidance, please refer to the Reach API documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reach API?

An API or application programming interface is a type of software interface that lets different software communicate with each other directly.   

What is an API document?

An API document instructs developers on how to create this connection or interface using an API key.  

What is an API key?

An API key is a unique identifier for every user. With this key, you can query or request data from one software to another.  

How do I get access to Reach API?

To get API access with ReachStream, create an account with ReachStream with a plan of your choice. Log in to your account and click on the account icon (which has your name) on the top right corner. Select Account Details. Click on Generate API Key. Use this key to make your API call.  

Are there any usage or pricing considerations?

With Reach API access, you get the same features and pricing as the plan you selected. For example, if you signed up for Super Saver plan, you’ll get 5000 download credits and unlimited views. If the features available with existing plans isn’t enough, request a custom API plan with your specific requirement.  

Request Custom API Plan