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Refer ReachStream’s Super Saver plan to anyone who’s looking for contact databases and earn a recurring 10% of the monthly subscription fees for lifetime! 

Refer and Earn with ReachStream.

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earn 10% of

Earn 10% of subscription free

Reccuring monthly payouts
Recurring monthly payouts
Earn for customer's lifetime

Earn for customer’s lifetime


Dashboard for easy tracking

No limit on referrals

No limit on referrals

No eligibility

No eligibility criteria start today!

Become an Affiliate in 4 Steps

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Promote Referral Link
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earn & track payout
Earn & Track Payouts
Earn 10% for every Super Saver purchase. Track your earnings easily.
    HOW IT WORKS    

Earn for Every Subscription

Refer as many people as you want. Once someone signs up, you can earn 10%  on each month of their subscription to ReachStream. 

Group 77232

Share your referral link.

Group 77234

Customer subscribes to ReachStream Super Saver.

Group 77236

Earn 10% on every Super Saver purchase and subsequent plan renewal.

Group 77241

Get your payout in 30-45 days.

Group 77238

Receive payment through Bank Transfer or PayPal.

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Track your payouts using dashboard for partners.


Why Become an Affiliate Partner

Group 71346
Start a passive income stream

Earn lifetime commissions without doing a thing. Let your audience drive your passive income stream.

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Share a valuable product with your audience

Every business needs sales & marketing intelligence. Refer a great sales data platform and add value to people’s work

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Grow your personal brand & influence

The demand for a convenient tool like ReachStream is high. Grow your influence by sharing valuable information and tools.

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Easy to start, easy to track

You can start earning in seconds. It’s free, fast and easy to start this program. Sign up, share a link and start collecting incoming payouts.

Super Saver $99/month
  • Unlimited Contact Views
  • 20+ Data Fields
  • 5000 Monthly Downloads
  • 95% Data Accuracy
  • Advanced API Access
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Ready to Earn? Get Your First Payout.

Support is available every step of the way. Join today and we’ll tell you where to go if you’re stuck. Grow your audience and earnings today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this affiliate program?

Anyone can join this referral program. You don’t have to be a ReachStream user. If you have peers, friends or an audience that you think would benefit from using ReachStream, simply refer them and start earning. 

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer ReachStream to. Earn on every single subscription that you get from users, for lifetime. 

Are there any restrictions on who I can refer?

There are none. Refer to anyone anywhere in the world that you think could really use a platform like ReachStream 

Is there a minimum sign up requirement for referrals to count?

There are no minimum eligibility criteria. You can earn from anyone that signs up, even if it’s just 1 user. 

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