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B2B Contact and Company Insights for Marketing Teams

Start your campaigns right with comprehensive B2B contact and company insights for your marketing teams. Build your ideal customer profiles, qualify sales ready leads, and target high-value accounts.

B2B Marketing Data

Why Do Marketers Need B2B Data?

We have already discussed how sales and business development professionals can fast-track long sales timelines and get sales qualified B2B leads in just 4 steps. But as B2B marketers, the challenges are ten-fold. You not only need to create super creative, personalized campaigns for your audience, you also need to ensure that you’re selecting the right audience to communicate with.

High quality data keeps your marketing process sound right from its strategic foundations to campaign execution. These are just some of the various ways in which data driven B2B marketing can do a hundred times more for you than just marketing.

1 step

Market Analysis

If you’re in the research stage, you need B2B data to map out where all the intent signals are coming from, who your high-intent prospects are, where they’re located, what they need, and how you can reach them. B2B marketing insights can help marketers understand their target audience better.

step 2

Building ICPs

Now you need to define what your ideal customer looks like. Your ICPs need to be based not only on historic data but on the data of prospective customers too. You need to find and connect with potential customers to understand what their pain points look like and in the process, evolve your ICPs.

step 3

Optimize Omni-channel Marketing

Once you know who your ideal customers are and where they can be found, it’s time to start connecting. Data driven strategies let you connect meaningfully. Comprehensive B2B insights help you identify effective channels and get the contact information you need to start communicating with prospects.

step 4

Generate Marketing-Qualified Leads

You’ve started engaging with prospects. The next step is to refine your targeting and maximize your conversion potential. With up-to-date, accurate and targeted B2B data, tailor your campaigns to secure the most MQLs from your marketing efforts.

5 step

Start Account-Based Marketing

You’ve connected with your general audience, maybe secured a decent-sized pipeline of leads. Now you need to shift your focus to high value accounts to really drive your brand home. You need comprehensive, highly accurate, and hyper-targeted B2B data to align a large chunk of your marketing efforts to secure the cream of the crop.

Finding the Right B2B Data Provider

You probably have a marketing data provider or considered one and you may fall into one of these categories:

Find the B2B Data Provider
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    You’ve encountered countless sales data platforms with their immensely complicated interfaces, features and functionalities when all you really need is a quick tool.

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    You need a large database of prospects in your target industries but don't want to sacrifice global coverage or high quality data for quantity.

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    You’re new to this – you need qualified prospects’ data for your next campaign but you’re not sure where to start.

Generate Marketing-Qualified Leads with ReachStream

If you’ve made it here, you probably want to know – What can you do with ReachStream and is it worth considering?

discover goto market

Discover and get instant access to 150+ Go-to-Markets across North and South America, APAC and EMEA.

industry information

Reach qualified target audiences with unlimited contact and company data in 400+ industries globally.

target leads

Create a custom, targeted network of prospects within your ICP who are interested in what you have to offer.

download custom qualified list

Identify, qualify and engage MQLs. Just filter, select, and download to instantly get a custom list of 5000 qualified leads, every month.

effective email deliverability

Create effective email and advertising campaigns using data that ensures high deliverability and a 95% accuracy guarantee.

Access Verified Contact and Company Insights

As you navigate ReachStream’s data platform, you can address all core considerations of your go-to-market strategy.

Find B2B Contact Insights to build GTM strategies
  • discover territories

    Determine your total addressable market and discover new territories to break into.

  • identify prospect personas

    Identify new prospect personas within and outside your existing ideal customer profiles.

  • improve visibility

    Improve your visibility and engage companies that are looking for your solution.

  • Leverage contact and company insights

    Leverage contact and company insights to inform your GTM strategy every step of the way.

Build Opt-in Email Lists for Your Next Campaign

Get in front of high-value prospects that are exploring the market for your solutions. Improve your brand visibility with your campaigns using custom contact lists. Export comprehensive insights with 20+ pieces of contact and company data points.  ReachStream’s abundant data and unlimited browsing capabilities allow you to create multiple custom-lists to test different types of campaigns and see what sticks. 

Take the initiative with highly informative drip campaigns to target companies in the earlier stages of the customer journey and move them into your sales funnel.

Make Marketing Data Driven and Predictable

Equip your B2B marketing teams with actionable B2B marketing insights so they can focus on their creative marketing endeavours without interception from stale, hit or miss data.

Generate consistent returns from your email and ad campaigns without wasting time and effort on blind targets and move marketing qualified leads into sales every single time.
Marketing Data-Driven

Get ReachStream’s Monthly Subscription

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    100 Contact Views
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    95% Data Accuracy
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    Advanced API Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B data provides marketing teams with the insight they need for customer profiling, enhanced targeting, personalized messaging, improved lead generation, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction and ROI.

B2B information like firmographic details, technographic data and contact data of high intent prospects are the most valuable information about your prospects that your marketing teams need.

Engaging a B2B data provider lets you access accurate, up-to-date, and targeted business data, speeding up your sales cycle and saving the time and resources otherwise spent on long, manual data collection, validation, verification and testing processes. Additionally, a data provider regularly updates and tests datasets to ensure continued quality and accuracy.

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